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Weight Lifting Guide

Thanks for coming to Explosive Weight Lifting, your free weight lifting guide loaded with Advanced Weight Lifting Tips, Workout Routines, Training Splits, Supplements, Bodybuilding Videos, Unique Training Articles, Weight Loss Tips, Exercise Guides, Diets and More.

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Weight Lifting Programs

Weight Lifting Programs


From experienced bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. The workout routines cover each muscle in depth also includes workout tips and the various exercises you can use to target certain areas of each muscle group.


Biceps workouts  |  Triceps workouts  |  Leg workouts  |  Chest workouts  |  Calves workouts  |  Trapezoids workouts  |  Delts/Shoulder workouts  |  Back/Lats workouts  |  Hamstrings workouts  |  Abdominal workouts


Weight Lifting Programs >

Weight Lifting Tips

Weight Lifting Tips


Section focuses on all kinds of workout techniques and weight lifting tips for the beginner to the advanced bodybuilder or anybody looking to add that extra workout intensity you need to take your body to the next level. These Training Tips are proven methods that anybody strength training should be using during weight lifting.

Weight Lifting Tips >

Bodybuilding SupplementsBodybuilding Supplements


Section provides information on Creatine, Steroids, Protein Powder, Nitric Oxide and more.  Also provides supplement recommendations for high quality top selling products in the bodybuilding industry. Search through our products and our section of Hardcore Supplements such as Testosterone Boosters for Experienced Bodybuilders.


Bodybuilding Supplements >

Training SplitsTraining Splits


Routines that tell you which muscle groups to exercise each day of the week. There are a variety of Strength Training Splits out there, the key is to find one that will work for you and then stick with it! Most of these splits are brought to you by bodybuilding professionals.


Training Splits >

Weight Lifting DietsWeight Lifting Diets

Bodybuilding nutritional meal plans, weight loss tips, low glycemic index foods index for fat loss or weight loss. Includes a Protein Powder Guide and Supplementation plans for gaining weight and weight loss.


Diets >

Bodybuilding StoreBodybuilding Store


Shop our Supplements store offering Protein Powders, Creatine, Pre Workout Drinks and check out our Top 20 Supplements page offering the top sellers on the market today!

Pre Workout Bodybuilding Supplements  |  Fat Burners & Weight Loss Products  |  Protein Powders  |  Creatine Products  |  Top 20 Bodybuilding Supplements


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Weight Lifting Articles, Calculators and moreWeight Lifting Articles, Calculators and More


Includes bodybuilding articles, strength training blog, Muscle Soreness, DOMS, Pre and Post Workout Nutrition, Contact info and more.



Weight Lifting Articles, Calculators, and More >

Weight LossWeight Loss


Weight Loss and Fat Loss 101. Includes Weight Loss Tips, Cardio Benefits, Calories burned charts for exercises such as 20 minutes jogging on a treadmill, full Weight Loss Workout Program and more


Weight Loss >

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  2. Weight Lifting Diet - Fat Loss or Muscle Building Nutritional Meal Plans  go >

  3. Biceps Weight Lifting Programs  go >

  4. Training Splits - Know what to train each day of the week and get the splits that the pros such as Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler use  go >

More Most Viewed >

Weight Lifting ExercisesWeight Lifting Exercises


Here you can find exercises for each muscle group you are trying to train with a description of how to train with proper form.


Chest Exercises  |  Back Exercises  |  Biceps Exercises  |  Triceps Exercises  |  Leg Exercises  |  Hamstring Exercises  |  Shoulder Exercises


Weight Lifting Exercises >

Bodybuilding VideosBodybuilding Videos


Bodybuilding Nutrition - Pro Bodybuilders talk about Nutrition & Diets 


How to Bench Press Video - Using proper technique 


More Weight Lifting Motivational, Instructional, Funny and Sexy Workout Videos >

ExplosiveBodybuilder >


Try these Exercises for your next workout

Super Saturation Theory - Supplementation for maximum results 

Bodybuilding Glossary of Terms - Find definitions for jargon such as cardiovascular, extension, absolute intensity, striations and more 


Weight Lifting Exercises - Proper form and Technique and the exercises you can do for each muscle group 


Top 10 Most Viewed - Find the Most Popular Sections of Explosive Weight Lifting 




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