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Calf muscle training


Calf muscles are a very common weak point among bodybuilders. Big calves that are fully developed are very hard to attain. This is a special section dealing with how to target the training to the outside calf muscle and training the inside calves muscles.


Incorporate these techniques into a calf exercise program like the one found in the weight lifting program directory


Inside calf muscle

While doing a calf raise, point the toes to an outward position as it helps to develop and target the inside more than the outside


Outside calf muscle

Point the toes to an inward position, almost touching at the front to target the outside more than the inside.


Upper calf

Add more seated calf raises to the workout program


Lower calf

While doing standing calf raises bend the knees only a little bit and concentrate on the lower part of the movement.


Find the calf program and modify it using these muscle training variations


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